2012 Medalists

The 2012 World Mind Sport Games had numerous sponsors this year. Some sponsors gave financial help, while others provided products or services. Perhaps one of the most popular and appreciated “give-away” product was the comfortable North Face jackets supplied by the well known outdoor sporting equipment and clothing company, The North Face, via BobsSportsChalet.com. I heard from a number of the 2012 World Mind Sport Games participants that the fleece North Face jacket they received in their welcome goodie bag was their favorite since not only was it comfortable to wear but also was very stylish. Aside from the honor of participating in the games, their North Face fleece jacket was going to be coveted by friends once they arrived home!

Now onto listing the 2012 World Mind Sport Games Medalists.

Xiang Qi:
Women Rapid:
Gold / Chen, Lichun From China
Silver / Tang, Dan From China
Bronze / Han, Bing From China

Men Rapid:
Gold / Xie Jing From China
Silver / Jiang Chuan From China
Bronze / Zhang Qiang From China

Women Individual:
Gold / Chen, Lichun From China
Silver / Tang, Dan From China
Bronze / Han, Bing From China

Men Individual:
Gold / Wan Chunlin From China
Silver / Xie Jing From China
Bronze / Zhang Qiang From China

Team Men:
Gold / Wan Chunlin & Xie Jing From China
Silver / Nguyen Hoang Lam & Nguyen Thanh Bao From Vietnam
Bronze / Chan Chun Kit & Yu Hung Wai From Chinese Hong Kong

Men Individual:
Gold / Lai, Yu-Cheng From Chinese Taipei
Silver / Kuo, Nai-Fu From Chinese Taipei
Bronze / Lo, Sheng-Chich From Chinese Taipei

Women Individual:
Gold / Lin Hsia-Tung From Chinese Taipei
Silver / Osawa Maya From Japan
Bronze / Yu Jin From Canada

Gold / Kuo, Nai-Fu – Lai, Yu-Cheng – Hung, Hsin-Wei & Chin, Shi-Min (cpt) From Chinese Taipei
Silver / Lo, Sheng-Chieh – Hsu, Hao-Hung – Lu, Yu-Hua & Tsai, Cheng-Wei (cpt) From Chinese Taipei
Bronze / Tan, Jia-Cheng – Zhang, Xiang – Kwa, Jie Hui – Poh, Jun Zhe & Kwa, Kim Chiang (cpt) From Singapore

Gold / M.Osawa & R. Nakasone From Japan
Silver / Lin Hsiao & Hung HW From Chinese Taipei
Bronze / Lu YuHua & Lai Yu From Chinese Taipei

Gold / Nai Fu Kao From Chinese Taipei
Silver / Chen Wei Tsai From Chinese Taipei
Bronze / Hao Hung Hsu From Chinese Taipei

World Cup:
Gold / Alexey Chizhov From Russia
Silver / Alexander Schwarzman From Russia
Bronze / Roel Boomstra From Netherlands

W. World Cup
Gold / Olga Fedorovich From Belarus
Silver / Nina Hoekman From Netherlands
Bronze / Natalia Sadowska From Polands

W. ch. Rapid:
Gold / Roel Boomstra From Netherlands
Silver / Alexey Chizhov From Russia
Bronze / Ainur Shaibakov From Russia

W.W. ch. Rapid:
Gold / Nina Hoekman From Netherlands
Silver / Viktoriya Motrichko From Ukraine
Bronze / Ayanika Kychkina From Russia

64 Men:
Gold / Gavril Kolesvov From Russia
Silver / Nikolay Germogenov From Russia
Bronze / Oleg Dashkov From Russia

64 Women:
Gold / Iuliia Makarenkova From Ukraina
Silver / Stepanida Kirillina From Russia
Bronze / Zhanna Sarhaeva From Russia

W ch. Rapid Nations:
Gold / Ukraina
Silver / Russia
Bronze / Netherlands

WW ch. Rapid Nations:
Gold / Russia
Silver / Netherlands
Bronze / Cameroun

Blitz Men:
Gold / Denys Shkatula From Ukraina
Silver / Sergiy Bilosheyev From Ukraina
Bronze / Gavril Kolesov From Russia

Blitz Women:
Gold / Stepanida Kirillina From Russia
Silver / Zhanna Sarshaeva From Russia
Bronze / Luliia Makarenkova From Ukrainia

Checkers Men:
Gold / Michele Borghetti From Italy
Silver / Sergio Scarpetta From Italy
Bronze / Bashim Durdyev From Turkmenistan

Checkers Women:
Gold / Nadiya Chyzhevsk From Ukrainia
Silver / Amangul Berdiyeva From Turkmenistan
Bronze / Erika Rosso From Italy

W ch. Blitz:
Gold / Alexander Schwartzman From Russia
Silver / Alexander Getmanski From Russia
Bronze / Roel Boomstra From Netherlands

Women W. ch. Blitz:
Gold / Aygul Idrisova From Russia
Silver / Matrena Nogovitsyna From Russia
Bronze / Olga Balthazi Ukrainia

W. Blitz Nations:
Gold / Russia
Silver / Latvia
Bronze / Netherlands

Women W Blitz Nations:
Gold / The Netherlands
Silver / Russia
Bronze / Mongolia

Women Team:
Gold / Sally Brock, Fiona Brown, Haether Dhondy, Nevena Senior, Nicola Smith, Susan Stockdale & Jeremy Dhondy (NPC) From England
Silver / Svetlana Chubarova, Victoroa Gromova, Anna Gulevich, Elena Khonicheva, Tatian Ponomerava & Olga Vorobeychikova From Russia
Bronze / Cathy Baldysz, Ewa Banaszkiewicz, Katarzyna Dufrat, Danuta Kazmucha, Nathalia Sakowska, Justyna Zmuda & Miroslaw Cichocki (NPC) From Poland

Senior Team:
Gold / Gyorgy Barany, Miklos Dumbovich, Mihaly Kovacs, Peter Magyar, Geza Szappanos & Beatrix Nagy (coach) From Hungary
Silver / Neil Chambers, Lew Finkel, Stephen Landen, Sam Lev, John Schermer, Richard Schwartz & Phillip Adler (NPC) From USA
Bronze / Patrick Grenthe, Guy Lasserre, Fran├žois Leenhardt, Patrice Piganeau, Philippe Poizat, Philippe Vanhoutte & Philippe Cronier (NPC) From France

Open Team:
Gold / Krister Ahlesved, Peter Bertheau, Per-Ola Cullin, Fredrick Nystrom, Jona Petersson, Johan Upmark & Mats Axdorph (NPC) From Sweden
Silver / Cezary Balicki, Krzysztof Buras, Grzegorz Narkiewicz, Piotr Zak, Jerzy Zaremba, Adam Zmudzinski & Piotr Wojcicki (NPC) From Poland
Bronze / Fulvio Fantoni, Geir Helgemo, Tor Helness, Franck Multon, Claudio Nunes, Pierre Zimmermann & J.C Allavena (NPC) From Monaco