Stay Sharp 2

In addition to keeping up with the diet and exorcise routines that keep our mind at the proper functioning level there are certain vitamins that can also aid in that arena. There are some pretty basic ones that we will go over then there are some more recent additions that are just coming in to the light of day now after much research. There are a lot of things that people say are good for your brain. That’s where we want to give a small disclosure. Some of these are going to need more research and study. Also, we are not recommending anything to the reader. We only want to inform about the opinion of others. We do not endorse or recommend you take any or all of these pills. We just want you to know they are there.

First, we have the most basic and well know of the group. The B vitamins. The B vitamins are well varied but all great for their own specific purpose. The B vitamins best suited for the mind are B6, B12 and Folic Acid (B12). These are especially critical for brain health and work together to help prevent mental decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. They are well studied and well known… All the B complex vitamins are vital for your overall health and a should be considered for a part of any full regiment of supplementary vitamins.

In addition to these there are an array of alternatives such as:
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Potent brain protector,
Nutritional “gold” for your brain,
For more mental energy,
For balanced brain chemistry,
Best in class brain booster,
Top memory enhancer,
A “smart” mushroom,
Patented brain mineral,
Proven mood booster,
A natural “smart drug”,
Powerful memory remedy,
Timeless brain tonic,
Critical brain cell building block,
Versatile brain enhancer,
Meditation in a cup or capsule

With the use of some or all of these additional supplements there is a very good chance that you can help to get you mind firing on all pistons as they say. These substances are to help with a series of very productive features that any brain should have. Are they necessary to live a full and happy life no but if you use your mind for more than recreational thinking you may want to consider their use. The fact is that reading and learning is just not enough to get you the edge anymore but with the proper supplements, mental exorcises, healthy diet and much needed rest you will likely be able to attain a mental status not imagined by generations past.