WMSG 2012

The second World Mind Sports Games took place in August. They were a great success including nearly 2000 players from the 95 countries competing. The event took place in Lille Grand Palais which is very well suited for such an event.

I was really disappointed to have to missed most of the event this year. Unfortunately, I was more than several days late to the WMSG 2012 games in France. Fortunately I was able to enjoy the last week plus of the games. I brought my family with me this year. My two young daughters were so excited to visit France which they associated with castles and royalty. Accordingly they decided that they only wanted to wear princess dresses of which they have many. After discovering a delightful online store that sells princess dresses several years ago, both girls have requested princess dresses and all the necessary accessories that are needed to be a properly dressed princess for not only their birthdays, but also for Christmas and any other holiday such as Halloween that would justify buying something “princess related. When they found out they would be coming to France with me, they immediately began packing. Into their suitcases went princess dresses, tiaras, long gloves, capes, appropriate shoes and slippers, jewelry and other assorted princess items.

Now regarding the jewelry of our two princesses. They both wanted diamond rings like the ring I had given my wife on our tenth anniversary. Little did the girls know that the diamonds were fake. I had done an online search for fake engagement rings, when I was searching for a ring with a diamond substitute stone and found a great e commerce store called SterlingForever that sold cubic zirconia engagement / wedding rings and other fake-gem jewelry. Although cubic zirconia is incredibly priced (great on the wallet), the actual pieces of jewelry could fool most anyone into thinking they were set with real diamonds. We were able to find rings for the girls that satisfied their bling needs and looked very similar to Mommy’s “diamond” ring. Many photos were taken of my two daughters in their princess outfits by amused, perhaps charmed, bystanders and even some contestants. Needless to say, my two “princesses” had a blast. And the last week of the WMSG 20012 was more satisfying on many levels for me. My comments now follow.

Lille (France) and its region enjoyed and appreciated the many economic benefits of hosting the event. The event lasted two weeks. It was well received by hotels, traders and restaurants. The participants and their supporters enjoyed the infrastructure as well as a warm welcome from the inhabitants of Lille. The competition was fierce and it revealed the character that united the competitors of the five sports included: Bridge, Chess, Draughts, Go and Chinese Chess.

Several Medals were awarded in each sport for various categories. Asia was awarded several gold medals for Go and Chinese Chess. China and Chinese Taipei dominating with gold medal victories. Russia Seemed to shine in the Draughts competitions. Europe distinguished itself in Bridge when England, Hungary & Sweden all took gold medals in the competition.

– Gold Medals –
Xiang Qi
women rapid – Chen, Lichun
men rapid – Xie Jing
women indiv. – Chen, Lichun
men indiv. – Wan Chunlin
team men – Wan Chunlin, Xie Jing
– Go –
men indiv. – Lai, Yu-Cheng
women indiv. – Lin Hsia-Tung
– Draughts –
world cup – Alexey Chizhov
women w.cup – Olga Fedorovich
– Go –
Team – Kuo, Nai-Fu, Lai, Yu-Cheng, Hsin-Wei Hung, Shi-Min Chin
– Draughts –
W. ch. Rapid – Roel Boomstra
W.W. ch.Rapid – Nina Hoekman
64 Men – Gavril Kolesvov
64 Women – Iuliia Makarenkova
W.ch. Rapid nations – Ukraina
WW ch. Rapid nations – Russia
Blitz men – Denys Shkatula
Blitz women – Stepanida Kirillina
Checkers men – Michele Borghetti
Checkers women – Nadiya Chyzhevsk
W ch. Blitz – Alexander Schwartzman
Women W ch. Blitz – Aygul Idrisova
– Bridge –
Women Team – England / Sally Brock, Fiona Brown, Haether Dhondy, Nevena Senior, Nicola Smith, Susan Stockdale, Jeremy Dhondy (NPC)
Senior Team – Hungary / Gyorgy Barany, Miklos Dumbovich, Mihaly Kovacs, Peter Magyar, Geza Szappanos, Beatrix Nagy (coach)
Open Team – Sweden / Krister Ahlesved, Peter Bertheau, Per-Ola Cullin, Fredrick Nystrom, Jona Petersson, Johan Upmark, Mats Axdorph (NPC)
– Go –
Pairs – M.Osawa/R. Nakasone
Youth – Nai Fu Kao
– Draughts –
W. Blitz nations – Russia
WomenW Blitz nations – The Netherlands

These mind sports are all about the power of the human brain, strategy, intelligence and the exercise of the mind. Competitors would be wise to bring a competitive attitude, quick reflexes, physical fitness and discipline if they wish to excel. This event demonstrates to the world a first class performance of the mind sport competitions and showcases the cultural and social aspects effected as well.
Olympics of the mind! But are these games really sports?
The skeptics scoff that if you let chess or bridge into the Olympics you are widening the definition to the point where it becomes meaningless. Sport, according to the purists, is primarily about physical achievement but thinking is the indispensable part of every sport. The physical element can be larger or smaller but it is only a part of the whole.

Until next we meet again in 4 years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to celebrate the 3rd World Mind Sports Games. Goodbye and Good Gaming.